Szepsy Tokaji Szamorodni 2016, Tokaj, Hungary


Sweet wine, 50cl. Full bodied Furmint and Hárslevelü blend from Tokaj, Hungary. 11.0% ABV.

The word Szamorodni means “as it comes” that means that we harvest those bunches that contain aszú berries and healthy ripe berries as a whole (when making Aszú wine, aszú berries are picked separately) before pressing soaking eases the botrytised taste to be released. The wine contains 170g residual sugar despite of that and thanks to the method, the result is a fresh sweet wine with the taste of yellow and dried fruits, minerals and a hint of botrytis. SWA Gold Medal.

Tasting notes from the judges of the Sommelier Wine Awards 2019

A variety of tasting notes from our judges underlined the complexity of this Gold winner. 'Layered with orange marmalade peel, mango, honey and sweet, ripe saffron pear, this wine has great length,' wrote team leader Jan Konetzki, while Street Xo's Raphael Thierry picked out a 'lemon curd and coriander nose with apricot and quince on the palate.' All of which made it, according to team leader Laurent Richet MS, an ideal match for 'apricot and almond tart with lime sorbet'. 

Producer Profile Szepsy 

The Szepsy family has been producing Tokaj wines since the 1500s, with the aim of producing the best grapes possible without compromise. The estate is comprised of 50 hectares of vines, that are forty years of age on average, planted on steep slopes at high altitude on a rocky volcanic soil that is considered to be the single, most complex soil composition. The Szepsy family history is deeply linked to that of Tokaj Aszú wine production: In 1631, Szepsy Laczkó Máté was the first man to ever write down how to make Tokaji Aszú. Eighteen generations later, now under István Szepsy’s direction, the same standards remain and younger generations honour the family tradition of continually striving towards perfection.

Vendor: Szepsy