Adelphi The Kincardine 7 Year Old, United Kingdom 70cl


7 year old, Fusion of Scotch and Indian Malt Whisky, 70cl. United Kingdom. 52.9% ABV. 

Vibrant copper gold appearance. On the nose, it is initially spicy: a dusty spice drawer of curry spice and cardamom; then fruity, with notes of ripe bananas, dried figs, a freshly opened jar of Dundee marmalade, green apple skin, lemon curd and tinned tropical fruits. White chocolate and coconut ice cream in the development with lychees, melon balls and citrus brullée. In the mouth, chilli-hot spices from the High Ranges of Kerala, tempered by fresh coconut, including the coir, sweetening to Tunnock’s Snowballs with black cherry cola. Black Forest Gâteau, ground pepper and a hint of mustard seed.

Producer Profile The Kincardine

It was distilled at Glen Elgin and Macallan in the Speyside region of Scotland, and Amrut from Bangalore, India, this fusion is an intriguing combination of Infian subcontinent and Scottish maturation climates. Inspired by Victor Bruce, 13th Earl of Kincardine and 9th Earl of Elgin, who was Viceroy and Governor General of India between 1894 and 1899.

Vendor: Adelphi