Compass Box The Peat Monster Blended Malt Whisky NV, Scotland, United Kingdom 70cl

Compass Box

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Blended Malt Whisky, 70cl. Scotland, United Kingdom. 46.0% ABV. 

You know what you’re getting with the Peat Monster, and that’s a whole lot of peat. Still, Compass Box have created a multi-dimensional whisky that’s also smoky, stylish and fruity. Let the coastal aromas envelop you.

Producer Profile Compass Box

Compass Box believes that some of the most exciting inventions come from unexpected combinations. Whether it’s pairing unusual ingredients, blending different techniques or taking inspiration from diverse cultures, the surprises that emerge can be quite magical. Created by the renowned John Glaser, of Compass Box, The Peat Monster contains whisky from secret distilleries and incorporates single malts with a more aromatic and graceful style of smokiness. It has long been celebrated, whilst creating a depth and elegance not seen before.

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