Grosperrin Cognac de Collection Petite Champagne 1973, Cognac, France 70cl

Grosperrin Cognac

1973 vintage Cognac, 70cl. 100% Ugni Blanc from Petite Champagne, Cognac, France. 48.5% ABV.

Old golden robe, almost amber. The nose shows Cardamom, turmeric, and black pepper and plums. Warming notes of cedar and sandalwood. The palate is fruity with notes of ripe mirabelle plum, prune, chocolate with cinnamon. Spicy notes of nutmeg and tobacco. 

Featured as one of the exclusive Cognac de Collection curated by Jean Grosperrin, the 1973 Petite Champagne Cognac comes from a family of notaries who have settled in Cognac several generations. This vintage cognac is a testament to the cru, which is renowned for taking 20-30 years to age fully. It is characterised by a maritime climate and chalky soil.

Producer Profile Grosperrin Cognac

A passion for heritage. The company's roots may remain firmly in its 18th century brokerage past, but today it offers ground-breaking range of cognacs not found anywhere else. The Grosperrin house doesn't use caramel or add sugar, the cognacs are aged in the original casks where possible!