Broadbent Vinho Verde NV, Portugal


Dry white wine, 75cl. Light bodied Loureiro Trajadura and Pederna blend from Vinho Verde, Portugal. 9.0% ABV. Vegetarian

This succulent Broadbent Vinho Verde has attractive aromas of peach, blossom honey and nuances of baby bananas. Good complexity with fresh, juicy tropical white fruit characters, a touch of lychee with mineral characters, well-structured with a lingering citrus finish.

Producer Profile Broadbent

The Broadbent name has been synonymous with fine wine for more than six decades, beginning with the renowned career of British wine critic, writer and auctioneer Michael Broadbent and continuing with his son, the importer Bartholomew Broadbent. Bartholomew’s deep roots in Portugal inspired him to create his own range of Ports, Madeiras and table wines. Broadbent’s vision was to produce the most reliable and traditional of all Vinho Verdes and to resolve the usual whine that Vinho Verde never tastes like it tastes in Portugal. The solution was twofold: to partner with a winery that had consistent production, and to ship the wines in refrigerated containers. The latter enable the wine to taste as fresh and spritzy as it would ever taste in Portugal, and since its launch in 2005, Broadbent Vinho Verde has rapidly earned the reputation as one of the finest Vinho Verdes. 

Food pairing recommendation
Meat dish: Oysters Shellfish or Fish And Chips
Vegan dish: Plantain Balls

Vendor: Broadbent

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Roland Singer
Always a winner

This is our house white - the one we always come back to. It is refreshing, with minerals which almost taste like a bit of fizz. Always on offer when guests come over and every time a winner.

Steve Dubé
Light and lovely

Delightful aperitif that's also good with a fishy starter. This is a bubbly little number that enlivens any occasion, and a pleasant change from the modern tendency to produce wines with a thumping body and high alcohol content. I ordered more straight away.

Gemma Bloemen
Great easy wine

We are a big vinho verde fan and this one did not disappoint! due to the slight frizzy and fresh nature it is perfect as an aperitif