Domaine Leduc-Piedimonte Ice Cider 2011, Quebec, Canada


Sweet cider, 37.5cl. Full bodied Spartan and Empire apples blend from Quebec, Canada. 11.0% ABV.

This superb ice cider has a golden amber-coloured hue and pleasant aromas of orange zest, butter, honey and spicy vanilla followed by some mineral notes. It is smooth and vivacious. Delicious flavours of citrus preserves and spices are present on the palate with a long refreshing finish. The Domaine Leduc-Piedimonte ice cider achieves a perfect balance between sugar, alcohol and acidity. SWA 2019 Silver Medal Winner

Tasting notes from the judges of the Sommelier Wine Awards 2019

'A very rich, bruised apple nose, reminiscent of Calvados,' began team leader Nigel Lister. He described 'roasted pear and apple flavours with dried fruit, raisin and fig and a distinct truffle note' and said he 'would love to try it with good pork crackling.'

Producer Profile Domaine Leduc-Piedimonte

Owned and operated by Robert McKeown and Andrée St-Denis, Domaine Leduc-Piedimonte is a cidery located in Rougemont, the apple capital of Québec. The estate’s orchard, with over 3,000 trees, is particularly well suited for growing apples and making richly flavoured and complex. Robert and Andrée have always been working closely with oenologists as well as agronomists to continually perfect and improve their production techniques and the quality of their products. The owners chose to name the cidery after their maternal side of their families: Leduc is Andrée’s mother’s last name and Piedimonte is the last name of Robert’s grandmother. They wanted to emphasize the fact that it is a family-run business and to attach strong symbolic roots to the tradition they wish to preserve. 

Suggested food pairings
Crab apple and cheese crepes in aniseed syrup.

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