Porfidio The Original Single Agave Extra Anejo NV, Tequila, Mexico 70cl

El Caballo Estrella

Tequila, 70cl. 100% Blue Agave from Mexico. 39.3% ABV. 

The Porfidio story is one of the strangest and most disputed in the spirits industry. Despite the brand's crazy past, - from international awards, attacks from competitors, importers, and the Mexican government - it is remains one of the most unique and high quality spirits coming out of Jalisco. The founder, Martin Glassl has become the Tequila World's most controversial figure. Glassl, having moved to Mexico at 24, saw the great potential of applying modern distilling techniques to traditional Tequila production. He used proprietary yeast strains and high quality virgin oak cask, releasing ultra-premium offerings when no one else thought they could. When he started, it was illegal for non-citizens to own property in Mexico and Porfidio's success meant that Glassl was very protective of the proprietary process. He ended up outsourcing each part of the process to different distilleries to protect his intellectual property. Now, distilled at the Puerto Vallarta plant - the one that was once stormed by a mob of 400 in 2004 - Glassl opens the plant only for distillation. He now uses an enzymatic hydrolysis process which uses enzymes rather than heat to extract sugar from the agave. The resulting ferment has significantly less methanol than cooking the agave. The Extra Anejo is in league of its own. Unlike any other spirit coming out of Jalisco, it must be tasted to be believed.