Producer Spotlight: Capannelle

September 17, 2020

James Sherwood Capannelle Tuscany Italy

"Capannelle is not only a highly acclaimed winery but also a wine resort with 5 luxurious rooms, beautiful gardens and a panoramic pool, overlooking the stunning Chianti Classico hills. Its wines are distributed in 35 countries all over the world and can be found on the lists of some of the finest restaurants and hotels in the world."
Capannelle Chianti Classico Tuscany Italy


Michelle Forczek Capannelle Chianti Classico Tuscany Italy


Capannelle is one of Italy’s leading wine estates, situated in historic Gaiole, within the stunning Chianti Classico hills of Tuscany.

Since its birth in the 1970s the reputation of Capannelle has been built on the passion of two men; original owner Raffaele Rossetti, and the late, James B Sherwood, the larger than life founder of the Orient Express Group and owner of the world famous Cipriani Hotel in Venice.

The estate was purchased in 1974 by Rossetti, who restored the original 16th Century farmhouse and surrounding lands, creating a boutique winery and adopting a pioneering approach to winemaking and marketing that would go on to create some of Chianti’s most coveted and luxurious wines.

In 1997 Capannelle was bought by the charismatic James B. Sherwood. His vision saw the expansion of the vineyards, construction of  a high-tech underground winery and addition of a boutique hotel - confirming Capannelle’s position as an exclusive, state of the art wine producer and international luxury brand.
The estate now covers 35 hectares (16 of which are under vine) and produces 80,0000 bottles of wine a year.


Akos Foczek Capannelle Chianti Classico Tuscany Italy


Under the supervision of winemaker Simone Monciatti since 1984, the overriding philosophy is to create elegant, age-worthy wines. Each shows a hallmark balance of acidity, tannin and fruit which make them superb food wines.  Monciatti continues a pioneering tradition which led Capannelle to be one of the first estates to introduce Chardonnay to the region and saw them at the forefront of IGT fine wine.




James Sherwood Capannelle Chianti Classico Tuscany Italy

James B Sherwood 1933- 2020 

Last month we learnt of the sad passing of James B Sherwood – “Jim” was best known as the dynamic and formidable business man behind the Orient Express Group (now Belmond) and the Sea Containers shipping company. He was also a “bon viveur” who enjoyed the finer things in life. As his wonderful Times obituary testifies he led a remarkable life, achieving more than many would in several. We knew him as the wine lover, owner and driving force behind Capannelle and are proud to have enjoyed such a long association with the estate as their UK importer. We can think of no better way to honour Jim’s life than to raise several glasses of Capannelle, which we know was very close to his heart and exemplifies the qualities he was so passionate about. See all wines from Capannelle
Capannelle Winery Vineyards And Wine Cellar

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